Angela Shelf Medearis

Angela Shelf Medearis (b. 1956) was born in Hampton, Virginia. She moved to Austin, Texas with her husband in 1975, where she attended Southwest Texas State University. Medearis published her first children’s book, Picking Peas for a Penny, in 1990. Since then, she has published many children’s books as well as works of historical and biographical nonfiction. Medearis has won several literary honors including the Teddy children’s book award. Medearis founded the non-profit elementary reading program, Book Boosters. She also produces Children’s Radio Bookmobile for the University of Texas at Austin and often visits schools in Texas to perform storytelling.

EMC is proud to feature the work of Angela Shelf Medearis within Mirrors & Windows. Medearis's lyric poem, "I Was Born at the Wrong Time", is featured in Unit 3 of Mirrors & Windows Level 3/Grade 8. Here is a sample from the Teacher Edition: