Setting you up for success by connecting you to our community of users and experts for training, advice, support, and knowledge.

1. Dedicated Onboarding Service

  • enable the smooth setup of accounts and onboarding of users.

  • work with IT personnel to ensure the flow of information between systems (yours and ours).

  • facilitate rostering and SSO options (including Clever®, syncing with SIS’s, etc.)

2. Implementation and Integration Training

  • provide tailor-made training to implement EMC’s products and services.

  • We work with you to create a unique blended approach, which includes a combination of the following:
    - self-guided, online training
    - live or recorded webinars
    - in-person on-site visit(s)

3. Support and Outreach

  • contact users after implementation training to follow-up and provide support, guidance on integration, suggestions on usage, and to facilitate further group or individual training if necessary.

  • provide user support which is easily accessible from our digital platforms and our support website.

4. Targeted Professional Development

  • help teachers easily integrate EMC programs into their classroom. Whether it be regular webinars on specific topics, live Q&A sessions, or Lesson Plans for use in class, our product experts are continuously creating resources and materials for all of our programs that are available to you for free on our support site.

  • deliver targeted Professional Development based on the most up-to-date, research-based, best practices in the field.