Gradual Release Model

The Mirrors & Windows program offers an exclusive gradual release approach with three levels of reading support to develop skills and comprehension.

Each unit in M&W provides for a gradual release of responsibility, moving from guided to directed to independent reading:

  • Guided Reading: extensive support before, during, and after reading

    • Full length, genre-specific close reading models in each unit, supported by video models, provide the framework for the teacher to guide students through the reading process

    • Models walk students through the selections and demonstrate how to analyze literature and apply reading skills and strategies to each genre.

  • Directed Reading: extensive support before and after reading, with less support during reading

    • Model gradually removes scaffolds with additional teacher-directed instructional support, beginning the release of responsibility from teacher to students

    • Students continue to be supported with before-and after-reading activities, but they begin to apply the during-reading comprehension skills on their own

  • Independent Reading: minimal support before and after reading, with self-monitoring during reading

    • Model in each unit as digital connections completes the release of responsibility to the students, who can apply the skills and strategies required to read increasingly more difficult selections on their own.

    • Independent Readings appear more frequently as students advance through the program

    • Options for extending independent reading with Access Edition novels available online and in print

Only EMC builds student independence with close reading skills using a gradual release model so they will be prepared for the text complexity of the STAAR.