The Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature program (Grades 6–12) is 100% aligned with the Texas TEKS and ELPS and includes differentiated instruction designed to provide support for English language learners to gain proficiency in a range of English language skills. Every lesson and unit integrates the 7 strands of the TEKS within the literacy domains of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking. 

The Mirrors & Windows program provides STAAR and TELPAS Assessment Practice based on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness and the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System for English language learners. EMC’s practice assessments for the STAAR and TELPAS reading and writing assessments were reviewed and edited by Victoria Young, former TEA STAAR Assessment Director.

"Mirrors & Windows offers teachers and students a great deal of support, including special support for the English language learner. The vast array of literary selections, exercises before, during, and after reading, and the distribution of instructional activities throughout the student edition and other components ensure that the student receives regular reinforcement and support for developing language skills. The selections reflect cultures and traditions that can offer students an exciting glimpse into worlds that many have never known about."

  — Robert H. Leos, Ph.D.
Former TEA Senior Director for Textbook Administration

English Language Proficiency Support

The Mirrors & Windows Student Edition integrates EL support through:

  • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and style language development workshops within each unit

  • Exclusive gradual release approach with Guided and Directed Reading models providing additional modeling for EL students within every unit, supported by Close Reading videos

Passport with eBook features:

  • Comprehensive Language Arts Handbook in student eBook

  • Reflowable text with adjustable font style and size

  • Adjustable rate audio recordings for all selections

  • Ability to highlight, annotate, and record audio and video notes online

The Mirrors & Windows Teacher’s Edition provides EL strategies at the point of use, including differentiation strategies, text complexity notes, and cultural awareness notes.

The Differentiated Instruction: English Language Learning Support resource, available in print and online, provides activities that increase students’ comprehension, vocabulary, oral language development, and English language skills.

  • Students interact with authentic selections from their Mirrors & Windows edition, applying reading strategies and skills to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and folk literature

  • Guided Readings in workbook format with additional instruction and exercises to use before, during, and after reading to support EL students with vocabulary and comprehension

  • Additional English Language Development skills lessons for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced proficiency levels are included for each unit, with a correlation to Advanced High proficiency activities in the Teacher’s Edition Differentiated Instruction and Skills lessons

  • Foundational Literacy Skills lessons cover phonics, word recognition, and fluency

  • Spanish audio summaries are provided for EL selections, also available in text

  • Literary Terms Handbook in Spanish

  • All English Language Learning lessons are available as online interactive activities with immediate student feedback in the eWorkbook

Assessment Guide includes additional assessments for English Language Learners. 

  • Oral Reading Fluency Assessments with detailed Reading Fluency Rubrics

  • Reading Fluency Progress Graphs

  • Formative Surveys with Remediation Rubrics

  • Alternative Assessment strategies for English Language Learners and Developing Readers

TELPAS Assessment Practice helps students prepare for success with the format of the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System.

Story Shares custom library includes over 150 leveled texts, plus 40+ books inspired by the state of Texas.

Spanish language readers offer authentic texts to support and extend Spanish literacy.