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Story Shares is an all new bookshelf within Passport® that’s filled with easy to read, hard to put down books inspired by the state of Texas! We’re filling it with stories that combine diverse characters and experiences that are relatable and interesting to students in middle school and beyond with language that is approachable for striving readers and English language learners. These books will include elements specific to the state of Texas, including its distinct cultures, history politics, unique landscapes, cities and towns, and the people who live there. In many cases, these elements will align with topics that Texas students are studying in their social studies and science classrooms, allowing for a cross-curricular reading and learning experience. The goal of these books, ultimately, is to support both improved literacy outcomes and student knowledge of their community. 

More relevant books = more engaged reading

  • Custom library with 150+ eBooks, filterable by genre, age, and reading level
  • 40+ titles inspired by the state of Texas
  • Built-in features to deepen comprehension and engagement
  • Dashboards to track progress